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While I have been working with watercolor for over forty years, watercolor sketching is a relatively recent addition to my artistic pursuits. At the turn of the millennium I took a research trip to India to prepare for a series of paintings on Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories. In India I found that doing watercolor sketches created a very unique memory bond with the subject I was painting. Since that time I taught many classes on the subject and wrote a small book on my approach. Most Sketches are 9" X 12".

Watercolor Sketching (2000-ongoing)

joshua tree 2016 - 9 - 2016-01-28 at 11-26-33.jpg
joshua tree 2016 - 16 - 2016-01-28 at 11-32-14.jpg
joshua tree 2016 - 13.jpg
joshua tree 2016 - 6.jpg
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