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Joshua Tree National Park is found in south central California, located in the southern end of the Mojave desert and the northwestern end of the Sonoran or Colorado desert. Patricia and I wished to escape a colder than usual winter in our hometown of Boise, Idaho, so we rented a little cottage in the town of Joshua Tree on the edge of the park. Every morning we would explore the park and I would do photography for my paintings. The series of 30 paintings, along with my paragraphs of description and reflection, are an expression of that education. I see the U.S. National Park system as small islands of true conservation in our nation. I hope this little book reflects some of the value and beauty of this particular precious public island. Book version of the project is availalbe at All paintings 7" X 7", acrylic on paper.

(some of the work in this project is available for exhibition or sale — contact
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