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American Demagogues consists of 20 expressive brush drawings of individuals and an eight to nine-hundred-word biography focused on their demagoguery. I have selected the people for the series from my perspective. One person’s demagogue is another person’s hero. This project aims to make people aware that demagogues have always been in America, and many use the same tools to manipulate people. Most of the demagogues are focused with their hate. They have groups they persecute; Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Gays, Communists, Irish, Chinese, and the wealthy. Many use demagoguery to feed their egos and accumulate wealth.
While this project deals with some nasty folks, the research was fascinating. There are familiar names and others that are not. When I completed the drawings and biographies, I understood the inquiry's positive side. Working through demagogues spanning 270 years, I realized that these people and their influences, no matter how powerful at the time, were transitory. The times we live, with a barrage of demagoguery, will pass.

drawings are acrylic on shuen paper, 12" X 12"
(most of the work in this project is available for exhibition or sale — contact
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