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An Orange: New Children’s E-Book from Mark W. McGinnis

My first children’s book in 8 years (the last was Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories).

From the forward:

Helping a child to develop a sense of awareness may be one of the greatest gifts we can give. Awareness, presence, mindfulness, and stillness are gifts that improve and heighten our quality of life from the first steps to the final breath of life – and maybe beyond. It is a simple gift that is be best taught by frequent examples of awareness — by drawing the child’s attention to their sensory perceptions and allowing them to experience freely.

This book is inspired by the classic story of the Buddha teaching mindfulness to village children using tangerines. The book may be read to the child using the illustrations to convey the experience of the orange, or it may read be to the child as the child observes and handles an actual orange, or it may be recalled to the child the next time the child eats an orange or anything else for that matter. The slow and careful sensory experience encouraged by the book can be adapted to many situations and a child can begin to build the sense of awareness and presence that can be a staple of her or his life.


Available from: for Kindle

Barnes & Noble for Nook

iBooks for iPad and iPhone (excellent color)

and for PDF file or a hardback copy (more money)

If you should purchase and enjoy this book, please write a review and post to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks  — thank you

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