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Essays: Volume One – new eBook from Mark W. McGinnis

Mark W. McGinnis: “This is a group of twenty essays some with ‘big’ themes such as beauty, death, ego, freedom, and sex. Also included are two reflections on great men — David Bohm, a 20th century quantum physicist, and the 19th century poet Walt Whitman. A series of essays in the collection build toward my evolving philosophy that I call ‘Naturalism.’ Each essay is accompanied by a painting from my “Sentient Landscape’ series.


Available from: for Kindle (black & white)

Barnes & Noble for Nook (do title search) (color for colornook)

iBooks for iPad and iPhone (excellent color)

and for ePub or PDF  files

If you should purchase and enjoy this book, please write a review and post to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks  — thank you

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