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Faded Pictures from a Life: Drive-in Movies

Drive-in Movies


It seemed to me there was not a great deal for teenagers to do in Aberdeen. But unfortunately at this time the flood of hormones had been released and many boys knew exactly what we wanted to do. It seems unfair that human society has progressed as it has. In tribal times this crazed time of puberty was recognized through ritual and ceremony that let the boy know what was expected of him. In the mid 20th century these rituals had mostly vanished but the same crazed hormones were driving desire. In my life there was no guidance on how to proceed so I followed what what was pulsing through my brain and body amplified by alcohol.

There were no more romantic walks in tree canopied neighborhoods and no more innocent slow dancing. What was a fuzzy distance goal in junior high was now in clear focus and attainable. I am not saying that my attraction to a girl was only sexual. Even at that time I was interested a girl’s intelligence, wit, attitude, and her intrigue, but I am ashamed to admit my primary interest was sex.

An opportunity to explore these desires was the drive-in theater. The dark, the noise of the speaker, the possibly seductive nature of the movie. In the drive-in and in a Volkswagen it was somewhat limited as to how far things were going to go. It began with “making out” that rose in intensity, then some groping, then fumbling with buttons, then a comedic process of unhooking the bra, and a bit more but that is where it usually ended for me. The spark was blown to a flame and hormones demanded I act on their commands. I am sure there were other boys with better sense than I, but none of them were my friends. As I look back on this I find it rather sad. This is certainly looking at the girl as a means to satisfy my lust, as an object. If I had had some guidance it may have not have reduced the genetic desire but possibly given me more options on how to react to it.

Drive-in Movies, acrylic on shuen paper, 9″x12″, 2021, Mark W McGinnis

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