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Mark W. McGinnis eBooks premiere with “Issa 108”

With the now beautiful color available with the iPad and the Color Nook I have decided to make a series of my books available via eBooks.

For a modest price interested people will have access to large variety of the images I have made over the past several decades.

The first in this series is Issa 108. This book with excellent full color imagery is available from iBooks or Barnes & Noble at the price of $8.99.

108 Haiku by Kobayashi Issa

108 Paintings by Mark W. McGinnis

From the introduction by David G. Lanoue:

Who is the Issa that Issa presents in his writing? He’s a discoverer of the universe, gratefully attending to the small daily miracles that too many of us, in our rush to be somewhere else, miss. He lives in the here and now with heart and hands open to receive the Buddha’s gifts. He shows us a way to live:

to my open palms

snowflakes flitting


If you should purchase and enjoy the book please be so kind as to write a review on iBooks and Barnes & Noble — thank you

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