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Repurposed Sculpture (12 photos)

In the 1980’s I created a series of sculptures that humorously depicted the Reagan administration. I used toys and found objects that I assembled, painted white, textured and painted with washes. Not long ago a group I belong to called Swell Artists Collective had a show called Thrifty2 in which the artist was to use thrift store items in their creations. I went back to to my “Reagan” techniques for my “Venus of Swell” (depicted below). I enjoyed the playful work so much that I have continued making small pieces. I consider them a kind of balance to my more “serious” work.

“Which First?” (for the exhibition DINO that opens this Friday at Swell Artists Collective, Boise)

“Work and Play” (currently on display at the Idaho NPR Gallery, BSU, Boise)

“Stop Making Cents — subtitled: Lazy Suzanne”

“Venus of Swell”

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